Landscape Design Experts

Our Expert Design team can handle both commercial and residential landscape installation. Let our educated staff provide you a detailed portfolio of your project from start to finish. Take a look at your project on our state of the art Computer Animated Design System.  Work with a landscape designer that gives their customers the ability to see their landscape on the computer before shovels hit the ground.

Exotic Trees, Flowers, Plants

Our landscape designers are distinctive in their approach to bring brilliant but modern landscaping approach to your residential or commercial properties to make a statement to any guest. These unique opportunities we provide give us the competitive advantage over most companies. People today want a company to provide them with focal points unique to their property. The days of installing the same cookie cutter landscape on every property have come to an end. Our material is collected from all over the state of Florida. Enjoy an Old Man Palm for its shaggy beard, a multi trunk Euro Fan Palm for its shape, or something else from our 10 acre nursery field.

We Understand Outdoor Living

Outdoor living in West Florida is a popular tool to get more use out of their property. The outside living spaces provide an outside destination spot. People are more aware today than ever before that they pay for every square inch of their property. If you are paying for it, might as well do something to enjoy it. Envision the use of an outdoor kitchen complete with BBQ, sink, fridge, ice machine, and wine cooler. Install a paver deck made from tumbled marble. Change the water line tile on your pool. Create a rock waterfall into the pool. Embellish an area of your deck that is not currently being used by adding a pergola as a cover for a comfortable shaded area. Dress the new living area with outdoor furniture and tables. Install a fire pit complete with propane tank for a no mess look. Outdoor lighting on the trees and walkways provides a warming feeling and creates depth the area.

Let Tri County create a virtual outdoor living space on our Computer Animated Design System for a beautiful layout easy for you to picture and understand.Our years in the business provide us with the necessary knowledge to know what designs and systems would work best for each property; keeping the customer’s ideas and budgets in mind. Complete with our guarantee, please contact us today for a free estimate.

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If you are frustrated with your current commercial maintenance team, and are looking for a more dedicated team of professionals to handle your property(s), contact us today. Keep in mind, you property never remains the same. If it’s not improving, it’s going the other way. Tri County Landscape excels at communicating with customers, identifying economical ways to upgrade the appearance of your property, and unique way to implement the projects.

Installation of any annuals or perennials

Installation of any mulch or other ground cover materials

Complete servicing of all irrigation on premises

Trimming of all types of palm trees

Removal of any debris on premises as a result of storms

Maintenance of any trees exceeding eight feet in height

Replacement of any irrigation components

Replacement of any turf material

Replacement of any landscape foliage life

Hand watering of any or all vegetation/plant life

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