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Commercial Landscaping

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Commercial Landscaping



No one wants to be that commercial business on the corner whose landscaping isn’t the greenest on the block. If this is you, fortunately, My Tri-County Landscape has got your commercial landscaping needs covered. We offer all commercial landscaping services including but not limited to:

  • In-Depth Lawn Bed Maintenance
  • Spring or Fall Maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Hedging
  • Lawn Protect and Feed
  • Start-Up and Shut-Down Irrigation System
  • Seasonal Display
  • Mulching
  • Hardscaping
  • Artificial Turf
  • Sod

My Tri-County Landscape provides the best Commercial Landscaping Services for commercial properties in Cape Coral Florida because they have a highly experienced and qualified team of landscaping professionals with decades of experience in the field. They specialize in custom commercial landscaping services to fit the exact needs of the client’s specific needs and requirements. They also understand the importance of offering competitive prices that meet our budget while providing quality services. My Tri-County Landscape offers free estimates for both commercial lawn care and commercial landscaping services, so you can get a more accurate understanding of the project and its costs. Their team also provides extensive customer service in order to ensure the client receives the best possible experience and outcome for the project.

Landscape Process

Our landscape process begins upon our initial free consultation were we identify the scope and scale of the project by addressing the requested style or look, and budget. Our designers will qualify your project through notes, measurements, and pictures. After our Computer Animated Design of your project has been created, our educated staff will walk you through each and every step of the project. Viewing each and every plant so you can walk away with a complete understanding of what is in store for the project. No surprises. A licensed and insured staff will follow shortly after to start and complete your landscape installation in a timely manner. We understand any construction inside or outside of your property are hindrances to you and your neighbors. Our respectful and clean landscape installation team will not leave until the property is restored to the manor we found it in.


Computer Rendered Landscape Designs Custom Made For You

Our Expert Design team can handle both commercial and residential landscape installation. Let our educated staff provide you a detailed portfolio of your project from start to finish. Take a look at your project on our state of the art Computer Animated Design System. Work with a landscape designer that gives their customers the ability to see their landscape on the computer before shovels hit the ground.

computer-rendered-landscape-designs (2)

Exotic Trees, Flowers, and Plants

Our distinctive collected material provides a statement on any property. These unique opportunities we provide give us the competitive advantage over most companies. People today want a company to provide them with focal points unique to their property. The days of installing the same cookie cutter landscape on every property have come to an end. Our material is collected from all over the state of Florida. Enjoy an Old Man Palm for its shaggy beard, a multi trunk Euro Fan Palm for its shape, or something else from our 10 acre nursery field.

  • Dwarf hibiscus
  • Miniature hibiscus
  • Clusia plant
  • Clusia hedge
  • Bottle palm
exotic flowers

Tree Care

Invest in your community; invest in your communities tree care. Proper maintenance dramatically increases your chance of saving your trees from the high winds of tropical storms and hurricanes. Proper tree care insures the future growth of the trees canopy and the stability of the trunk and root system.  Yearly tree maintenance should be designed around your particular property’s needs. As each properties requires different needs for their trees. Be leery of tree companies that claim your trees need a light trim. It’s practically impossible that every tree needs the same requirements. This statement is like assuming people need the same medicine. Companies that offer this kind of statement often are more interested in their bottom line, not the community. My Tri-County Landscape would like to build a relationship with your community. Lets nurture, fertilize, and maintain your community’s trees for years. Let our educated team watch over your properties trees. Our certified tree trimmers service both commercial and residential properties. We offer:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Corrective Pruning
  • Hazardous Limb Removal
  • Canopy Reduction
  • Clearance Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Pre-Hurricane Season Cleaning
tree care cape coral
tree trimming cape coral

Property Maintenance

Tri-County Landscape is committed to enhancing South West Florida outdoor landscape. Our current maintenance divisions provide service to both commercial and residential properties alike in Monroe, Collier, and Lee counties. We are experts at providing detailed oriented maintenance service for commercial properties. From retail shopping centers to inclusive living communities, we have the right team to handle all of your commercial maintenance needs at any level. Our bilingual staff enables us to communicate efficiently. Take a proactive stance with your property. Don’t fall into that pit of complacency. If you walk your property and say “it looks fine”, we know what that means.  Let our team of trained professionals provide your community the elevated level of service it deserves. Ask yourself, what are you currently receiving now?
commercial landscaping

What You’ll Get

Computer Designed

Industry Experience

Plant Education

Native Species

Exotic Flowers

Full Warranty

Nothing Cookie-Cutter

Our goal is to produce a result that is not only eye popping in color and texture, but focus on distinctive focal points and completes a presentation that has been specifically designed for your wants and needs. “No cookie cutter work here.” Our dedicated teams of professionals have successfully installed projects of every size and budget, ranging from: community entrances, shopping centers, restaurants, retail buildings, highway projects, city projects, preserve restorations, private residences, and more. Our landscape installation teams are experienced installers of both soft-scapes and hard-scapes.

  1. A computer aided design program
  2. Almost 20 years of industry experience
  3. Education of growth patterns and plant specific living instructions, knowledge of both native and no native plant life
  4. Owner of their own nursery, resulting in them growing their own material
  5. A staff large enough to complete your project in a timely manner
  6. A full warranty on all material

100% Free Estimate

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Please click the “Request Estimate” button on the service page of the landscaping service you wish to hire Tri-County Landscape. Once the form is completed you will hear back from us within 2 hours. It takes less than 30 seconds to fill out the 100% Free Estimate form which includes:

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3 reviews for Commercial Landscaping

  1. Tobius Hixenbaugh

    Very highly quality Commercial landscaping service. They planted loads of beautiful trees, fine grass, and spectacular bushes. Really spruced up my commercial landscape around the business. I am itching to try their residential landscaping services as well. Great company.

  2. Uli Winkler Jr

    Excellent commercial landscaping services in Cape Coral Florida. Highly recommend Tri-County Landscape.

  3. Harold Fineberg

    Best landscaping cape coral company

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