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Where To Buy Sod Plugs Cape Coral FL?

Sod Near Me

My Tri-County Landscape is the best place to buy sod in Cape Coral, FL for several reasons.

High Quality Sod Supplier

First, we offer high-quality sod options that are specifically grown and maintained for the climate in Cape Coral. This ensures that our sod will thrive in the local environment and provide a beautiful, lush lawn for our customers.

Sod Installation Near Me

Second, we have a knowledgeable and experienced team who can assist with selecting the best sod for your specific needs and guide you through the installation process. We understand that every lawn is unique and may require different types of sod, and we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve the best results.

Sod Delivery Near Me

Another benefit of buying sod from My Tri-County Landscape is the convenience factor. Not only do we offer delivery, but we also provide professional installation services. This takes the stress and physical labor out of the process for our customers, making it easier and more efficient to achieve the lawn of their dreams.

What Are The Benefits Of Sod Plugs?

Now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of sod plugs.

Sod Plugs vs Grass Seeds

One of the main benefits of sod plugs is that they provide instant results. Instead of having to wait for grass seeds to grow and fill in bare spots, sod plugs can be installed in those areas and immediately create a full, green lawn. This is especially advantageous for those looking to improve the appearance of their lawn quickly.

Sods Plugs Are Budget Friendly

Additionally, sod plugs are a cost-effective option for homeowners. They are typically less expensive than buying full rolls of sod, making them a budget-friendly choice for those looking to cover larger areas.

Sod plugs are also known for their ability to quickly establish and spread, creating a seamless and uniform look in a relatively short amount of time. This saves homeowners the hassle of having to constantly reseed and oversee the growth of their lawn.

How Long To Water New Sod?

New sod should be watered for 20-30 minutes, twice a day for the first two weeks. After the first two weeks, the frequency can be reduced to once a day, but the duration should be increased to 30-40 minutes.

The exact duration and frequency may vary depending on the climate and type of grass, so it is best to consult with your sod supplier or a lawn care professional for specific recommendations. It is important to keep the sod moist, but not soggy, during this time to help it establish roots and become established in the soil.

After the first month, the lawn can be watered once every 2-3 days, depending on rainfall and weather conditions.

Drought Resistant Grass Option

Moreover, sod plugs are often more drought-resistant than grass grown from seeds, as they have been established for a longer period of time and have a stronger root system. This can save homeowners money on water bills and help conserve water resources in areas with drier climates.

Best Landscaper In Cape Coral FL

Sod For Sale Near Me

My Tri-County Landscape is the best place to buy sod in Cape Coral, FL due to our high-quality sod options, knowledgeable team, and convenient services. Sod plugs, in particular, offer instant results, are cost-effective, quickly establish and spread, and are more drought-resistant than grass grown from seeds. Consider purchasing sod plugs from us to achieve a beautiful, healthy lawn in no time.

What Is Sod?

Sod or turf is a layer of grass and soil held together by roots. It is typically grown on a farm and then cut into rectangular sections for easy installation on lawns. Sod is also known as instant grass or lawn turf. It provides an immediate green and dense lawn appearance without the need for waiting for seeds to grow. Sod is commonly used for creating lawns in residential, commercial, and sports field settings.

Sod is typically used in residential and commercial landscaping for the following purposes:

Establishing a lawn quickly:

Sod is a great option for homeowners or businesses who want an established lawn in a short period of time.

Covering large areas:

Sod is great for covering large areas, such as sports fields, golf courses, parks, or commercial landscapes. It provides a uniform and lush appearance, creating a more professional and inviting environment.

Erosion control:

Sod can be used to control erosion on slopes or hillsides, as it has strong root systems that help prevent soil from washing away. This makes it a popular choice for residential and commercial properties located in areas prone to erosion.

Repairing damaged lawns:

If a lawn has been damaged by heavy foot traffic, disease, or drought, laying down sod can quickly patch up and restore the damaged areas. This is a more efficient and effective solution compared to reseeding, which can take weeks or months to grow.


Sod provides an immediate and attractive appearance to a landscape. It can make a property look more well-maintained and can increase curb appeal for both residential and commercial spaces.

Weed control:

Sod helps prevent weeds from growing in a lawn, as its densely grown roots provide little room for weed growth. This can save time and effort in lawn maintenance.

Residential And Commercial Landscaping

Overall, sod is used in residential and commercial landscaping when a quick, uniform, and attractive lawn is desired. It can also be a practical solution for erosion control and weed prevention.

Booking estimates with My Tri-County Landscape is easy.

Our website provides a convenient way to book estimates as well as contact a customer service representative. We offer a wide range of hardscaping and landscaping services and products, so be sure to get your estimate today!

Use our custom free estimate tool here to book an appointment.

We will remodel your home or commercial landscape better.

To get a free estimate on landscaping from My Tri-County Landscape call 239-205-8044, email, or book online here.

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